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Ashley Theophane vs Nigel Wright Live stream boxing match video broadcast

Watch Ashley Theophane vs Nigel Online

Watch here Ashley Theophane vs Nigel Wright live online boxing video on Saturday, December 10th, 2011 from the Manila. British junior welterweight title Boxing team will be ringside for the event, which will be presented in HD TV .you can also Watch this super match live online on pc tv.

Date: Saturday, December 10th, 2011
Venue: Peterlee, England
Competition: British junior welterweight title
Live/Repeat: Live

Uk Gentle Welterweight Champ Ashley Theophane guards their name upon Dec tenth from Peterlee Leisure time Center within Region Durham from the period lengthy professional Nigel Wright.

Theophane received the actual name in Feb whenever he or she away directed the actual after that present champ Lenny Daws, Theophane after that continued to protect this towards Jerr Prepare whenever he or she halted him or her within the tenth circular. Sports activities administration courses through schools on the internet tend to be exactly what many people consider whenever they would like to enter about the behind-the-scenes motion associated with boxing.

“I’m getting excited about protecting my personal Uk name for that 2nd period upon Sunday tenth Dec.

“I’m certain Nigel Wright is going to be within excellent form. I’m anticipating a great battle however he'll shed for that 7th amount of time in their expert profession.

“I’ve noticed good stuff concerning the enthusiasts within Region Durham therefore I’m looking forward to an electrical environment arrive display period.

“No additional present 140lbs Uk mma fighter offers accomplished exactly what I've to date during my profession besides Amir Khan.

“2012 might find me personally earn a global name with no 1 stop me personally through attaining my personal objective. ” Stated Theophane

Previous name opposition Nigel Wright as well as present British Gentle Welterweight Champ may be on the successful meat because he or she had been away directed through Ajose Olusegun in 06 '09 through beating Alex Arthur as well as Dean Harrison.

Nigel Wright informed “I let the British title slip through my hands once before and I wont be making the same mistakes again.

“I have experienced some of Ashley’s battles as well as I've observed the ding within their armour that I will make the most of as well as get home since the Brand new Champion”

Maloney believes this is a vintage Uk name battle and you will be anticipating a tough 12 circular battle because nor mma fighter may be halted prior to.

The actual Display comes with an motion loaded undercard along with Bob Edwards protecting their Uk Flyweight name from the present reward mma fighter champ Shinny Bayaar. The actual undercard will even consist of warm Cruiserweight prospective client Danny Cost, along with Professional Debuts with regard to John Archer. Additionally battling about the evening Manley McClumpha, Glen Feet, Marty Keep, Glen Keep, Robert Ismay, Donald River, Tag Glauxzel, Chris Deal as well as Whilst gary Sibel The actual display is going to be tested survive Skies Sports activities HIGH DEFINITION
Last week I got through some of the most physically and mentally draining sparring sessions I have had in my life.
I’ve sparred with some of New York City’s best southpaws; who have been strong, skilful and lightning fast. If my fight with Nigel Wright was next week, I would be physically ready.
I loved my intense sparring with world title challenger, Argenis Mendez, whilst not a southpaw, he has skills, speed and experience at the highest level. It has been a truly wonderful experience to help each other, as he is fighting this weekend in his native Dominican Republic. We completed around twenty five rounds. The gym would always stop and watch us when we went at it, as it was very competitive.
The Dominican Republic has produced two other skilful fighters over the last five years in Joan Guzman and Elio Rojas, who have been world champions. I have sparred with both of them in the past at Gleason’s gym.
Elio used to be trained by Lennox Blackmoore, when I first came to Gleason’s gym in 2005. Elio would play with many of the fighters in the gym but I held my own with him. His manager Antonio Tineo was so impressed that he wanted to sign me.
On occasion you spar with some fighters, and you just know they are destined to be a world champion and I knew that from when I first sparred with Elio.
Sparring with former IBF world number three, Francisco ‘Gato’ Figueroa, has been very worthwhile. Twenty two rounds of quality southpaw work for me. ‘Gato’ got to world contender status, but after dropping Randall Bailey in their world title eliminator, he got caught with a great shot and was stopped. Randall isn’t called the ‘KO Kid’ for no reason.
Randall and I had a slanging match over Twitter and Facebook, in the lead up to my fight with Jason Cook, as he accused me of ducking him, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe I would and could beat him, but I was offered just half of what I earned to fight Lenny Daws for the British title. So as they say in America, “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense”. The IBF later dropped me by ten places for not accepting the disrespectful offer from the promoters for that world title eliminator.
Andre Berto has just vacated the IBF Welterweight strap for the same reason I rejected the Bailey fight. HBO declined to televise it, as they wanted a rematch with Victor Ortiz for Berto instead, which looks to go ahead in January, if promoter Lou DiBella gets his way.
Speaking of Lou DiBella, he did a great job with Paul Malignaggi, and he has another, if not more talented fighter in Ajose Olusegun. I’m optimistic Ajose will get his shot at the WBC 140lb title by next summer.
I completed twelve rounds sparring with WBC world number five, Leon Moore, who is a talented southpaw; very fast and skilful.
Luis Collazo, the former world champion was really great sparring for me. I hadn’t even been in New York for twenty four hours, and I was sparring this experienced fighter, who also happened to be a southpaw.
In this camp I have been really spoilt for quality sparring that you just cannot buy. Luis was fighting the following week against Freddy Hernandez, who Andre Berto had previously knocked out.
I really enjoyed the session I had with Luis. He was strong, fast and skilful. That sparring session alone made me feel like my trip to New York was worthwhile, and that was just my first day here.
I sparred eight rounds with my good friend, Dmitriy Salita. Dmitriy is a former WBA world number one and world title challenger. Both he and Matthew Hatton are eyeing a tilt at the WBA interim champion, Ismael El Massoudi, at Madison Square Garden in January. As Ricky Hatton is my promoter and Dimitriy is a good friend, I’m sitting on the fence on this one.
I have sparred with Dean and Scott Burrell for my fights going back to Danny Garcia, Delvin Rodriguez, Lenny Daws and Jason Cook. I rate these fighting twins. They were born in New York City, but raised in London, where they learned their craft.
They came back to New York to hook up with trainer Hector Roca, who has worked with many world champions in his career. If these fighters don’t get up to world contender status, I will only have their manager to blame, as they have all the basics in place. It’s just to manage them right and get the right fights at the right time. I know I make it sound sort of easy, but their precocious talent deserves contender status.
Scott said the other day that he has seen many world champions and world contenders come through Gleason’s gym, but I work the hardest out of everyone. That’s a big compliment which I truly appreciate! As I tell the twins, “you control your destiny so you have to give it your all”.
Far too many ex-fighters have deep regrets and I do not intend to share that feeling. I will continue to give my all to the sport of boxing, so in six years when I retire, I will have gone as far as my talent, hard work and dedication could take me.
Shawn Cameron and Mikkel Lespierre from Gleason’s gym are part of the coaching team for Joan Guzman and Argenis Mendez the two talented southpaws. They are two of the finest amateurs in New York City. I completed fifteen rounds with these guys and it was great work for me.
WBC world number one, Ajose Olusegun, who is now mandatory challenger to Erik Morales, is back in New York City.
British Light Welterweight Champion Ashley Theophane defends his title on December 10th at Peterlee Leisure Centre in County Durham against the season long pro Nigel Wright.
Theophane won the title back in February when he out pointed the then current champion Lenny Daws, Theophane then went on to defend it against Jason Cook when he stopped him in the 10th round.
“I’m looking forward to defending my British title for the second time on Saturday tenth December.
“I’m positive Nigel Wright can be in nice form. I’m expecting a smart fight however he will lose for the seventh time in his professional career.
“I’ve heard smart things about the fans in County Durham thus I’m excited concerning an electrical atmosphere come show time.
“No other current 140lbs British fighter has achieved what I even have therefore so much in my career alternative than Amir Khan.
“2012 will see me win a World title and no one will stop me from achieving my goal. ” Said Theophane
Former title challenger Nigel Wright and current English Light Welterweight Champion has been on a winning steak since he was out pointed by Ajose Olusegun back in June 2009 by defeating Alex Arthur and Dean Harrison.
Nigel Wright told “I let the British title slip through my hands once before and I wont be making the same mistakes once more.
“I actually have seen a few of Ashley’s fights and I even have seen a dent in his armor that I am going to take advantage of and come home because the New Champion”
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